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LG Google Nexus 4 Preview

LG Google Nexus 4 Preview

I have to admit that I do like the idea of Google teaming up with different manufacturers and working on Nexus gadgets. First – HTC, then – Samsung (twice), afterwards it was Asus and now we have LG. It looks like the whole family is here. During its official event on October, 29 Google has officially announced a couple of great Nexus devices. Well, let’s take a look at the first and, probably, the most important one – the Google Nexus 4. Frankly speaking, I can’t say that it is a revolutionary smart-phone with revolutionary specs – it pretty much fits in the great family of modern quad-core beast but still does not makes them fall far-far behind. I am not being critical – I am just being realistic.
As it was mentioned – this time the Nexus smart-phone was manufactured...

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Rescue Root includes proven and tested support for over 1000 Android devices, guaranteed. This includes all major brands and OS versions, including the latest Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich devices.
Here are just a few of the devices we support:

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Acer Liquid Gallant: Review

For years now I have been looking around for a decent phone. It seems that no matter what phone I get, there is something seriously wrong with it. Maybe I am unlucky or something, but that is how it has always been with me and technology. My first phone lasted me a long time, however it was a brick of a thing that barely new how to send a text message and I swore I would never go back then to the dark ages. The next phone was great for a while and everything, but it still didn’t have any cool apps and everything and while I could play music, the sound was always tinny. The next one I got had tons of apps available, but was rather useless wi...

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How to see which apps are draining your Android’s battery

These days, it is not an uncommon sight to see people going around with their mobile phones out constantly. In the case of a lot of teenagers, it seems, the phone is actually attached to their hand and they would need excruciating surgery to remove it in order to have a social conversation at the dinner table. The problem is that we are mostly considered the generation of social interaction but that is only true simply because we can socially interact with people without having to even speak to them with text message, chat rooms and emails flying to and fro. Especially with all the different things you can do on your phones these days with al...

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Root Only Apps

There are countless amazing Apps that are specifically for rooted devices. Here are a few of the best:

Titanium Backup
Root Explorer
ROM Toolbox
AnTuTu Battery Saver

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